I bump Lapalux on a regular; synthetic soundscapes perfectly crafted to vibe out and lay lucid for a while. The sorry thing is that Lapalux is, generally, a little out of the Word Is Bond field. There’s no denying the creation of this one however. ‘Forlorn’ starts off with a gentle sprinkling of bleeps and clips before, in a twist rivalling the Prestige (I won’t spoil it) Busdriver explodes on the track, the avant-garde LA man going wild with his forceful, rapid-fire delivery. I honestly did not expect to hear anything like this involving Lapalux. Another delightfully smooth track, and available for free too. Lapalux is the only UK artist signed to Brainfeeder (which makes me dead proud) and has his album, Nostalchic, dropping towards on the label towards the end of this month. If you like what you hear then you will need to stay connected.

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