Producer/instrumentalist Mehr Enayati makes his debut appearance on our site with his latest composition, “Small Talk”. Taking elements from modern improv jazz elements, lofi sensibilities and hip-hop, Mehr creates a soul-soothing ambiance ripe with lush and progressive key arrangements, pulsating bass-driven drum grooves with warm textures to boot. The track is layered, bright and dynamic from start to end.


Mehr’s musical journey began at a young age, experimenting with the MPC 2000XL and the early DAW, Mix Man. His passion for music blossomed during college in San Diego, where he collaborated with local talents, showcasing his infectious beats and soulful compositions. In 2017, Mehr unveiled his debut instrumental LP, “Just As I Am,” displaying his versatility and creativity. Sampling obscure sounds and infusing them with additional instrumentation, he created a captivating musical experience that resonated with listeners. With a soulful and vibrant sound, Mehr’s compositions exude depth and richness, captivating audiences seeking an emotive experience. In 2020, his breakout year, the hit single “Painting Tomorrow” amassed over a quarter million plays, becoming a staple on popular playlists like Chill Instrumental Beats and Spotify Stations. Mehr’s collaborations with Yung Rizzo propelled him further into the spotlight. Their track “Still Here” reached the Philippines Viral 50 and peaked at 11 on the iTunes Top 200 Chart, showcasing his global appeal. Another collaboration, “Run It,” achieved success, reaching #2 on the Top Songs Luxembourg charts. With his innovative approach to music production, Mehr continues to captivate audiences, pushing boundaries and creating soul-stirring melodies. As he evolves and experiments with his craft, listeners can expect Mehr to deliver mesmerizing tracks that leave a lasting impact.


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