With the anticipation of 2013 just getting started and new releases coming our way in this new year, we have an anticipated collaboration. We, as fans, have high hopes that the underground hip hop scene will keep growing and evolving to new heights, surpassing the previous year. What better way to get it started then with a collab from MED and Blu?

After the news of NoYork! being re-released on vinyl, there is more exciting news from Blu. He has been hitting it off with some Stones Throw artists recently and his most recent endeavours include working with MED and Madlib. “The Burgandy” features a collab of MED and Madlib and is almost entirely produced by the great Madlib. Although it is only an EP we suspect there is much more to come from the Los Angeles native dipping in with Stones Throw artists.  The EP contains 5 vocal tracks and a handful of instrumentals and a-cappellas on a burgundy colored vinyl, released by MED’s own imprint Bang Ya Head. It’s set to drop at the end of February and can be pre-ordered on the Stones Throw website. Look out for a track to drop here on WIB!

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