MC Bravado got his eyes not only on the prize but on the experience that comes with reaching said goal. In a fast paced world where obstacles get thrown at our very being in every direction, it’s hard to keep that laser focus needed to surmount said hurdles but only solid will and determination gets us through. MC Bravado reiterates similar sentiments over the J57 cinematic beat alongside vocalist OnCue who cements the message with his heartfelt hook.

Get down with the program.


Chasing an “unattainable” dream can make us look delusional, while making us feel inadequate and even helpless. Oftentimes, what gets lost amidst the self-doubt, the sleepless nights, the strained and broken relationships, the tunnel vision, and the hunger and drive to prove everyone wrong is the scenery itself. “Enjoy the ride” may sound trite, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. The diamonds might be in the endgame; however, the current scene is currency too, so keep pushing, embrace your place, and don’t forget “This Is Gold”: MC Bravado, ft. OnCue, produced by J57, video shot/directed by Andrew Bryan.
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