Masta Ace and Bam of Jungle Brothers feature on this unique Swedish Music Video release
Not since Quincy Jones had a Swedish wife, have American and Swedish flavors married so well. Osten af released the music video for “The Avengers” on September 19.

Osten af is in great company of living legends Masta Ace and Bam of Jungle Brothers who join Swedish Hip-Hop icons Kashal-Tee and Prop Dylan. Together they team up like a gang of super-heros to clean up Hip-Hop and save it from the vile crap which has infested the culture recently.


One of Sweden’s finest producers Freddie Cruger A.K.A. Red Astaire provides the music for this soon to be classic Hip-Hop anthem. Freddie already has an impressive catalogue of over 50 vinyl releases to his name. Coco Rouzier from Brooklyn also helped add a soulful hook for the track as well.

The music video is directed by Daniel Lindqvist who currently works in Los Angeles, with a little animation by Jonathan Mthsn. The video is shot in Austria, Denmark and Sweden.


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