Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and rapper Markeith Black returns with his new single titled “Far Away”. The heartfelt track sees him sharing with listeners a tale of heartbreak and love gone sour in a relationship. Over a soulful backdrop made up of lush guitar riffs, and warm basslines, he reflects on how his relationship with his partner withered away due to silence and emotional distancing. He questions the change of heart and attitude in his partner and sought to find the answers as much as he can to no avail. His songwriting really digs deep into the progression of the relationship and how all the perceived love vanished in a jiffy.


Markeith Black started his music venture when he started learning guitar as a hobby, but it transformed into a career in college when he started learning music production. He has a handful of singles under his belt ranging from Sliide,”, “Implicit,” and  Somber.

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