It was a packed house last night over at HVW8 Studios as fans awaited for Freddie Gibbs to arrive so that the private previewing of Bandana would start. Everyone was mingling in the crowd as Madlib starts to greet people on his way into the back of the studios. DJ House Shoes was the curator for the evening, selecting classic joints to spin to the backdrop of a Blaxploitation film streaming in the background.

Bandana, which is the latest studio effort since 2014’s Pinata, takes you through a view of a blaxploitation film, but also finds the main star trying to deal with fatherhood, while juggling with his path to success and leaving his past behind. The interludes on the album are definitely a part of Madlib’s mantra; and while those who were front and center paying attention to the creative process on the album, it’s totally understandable to see why (according to House Shoes and confirmed by Gibbs himself) the album took five years to make.

The zebra mascot even made it to the party after traveling worldwide to promote the album!

Bandana is out now!

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