Belgium-born, London-based singer/songwriter Lyne Nsongo delivers a self-empowering tune titled “Royal.” The genre-bending track crafted by Ocean has a mix of soul/R&B and Caribbean influences that blend perfectly with Nsongo’s commanding vocal style and uplifting lyrics. Nsongo uses her art to speak to women across the globe in order to inspire them to embrace their true selves and live up to their fullest potential possible. From the anthemic backdrop and her smooth melodic runs, Nsongo reaffirms her goal of galvanizing women folk as she sings  “you were made of gold, handmade by the only One”.


The visual is a smooth mix of performance shots that showcases her vibrant and comfortable style. It really embodies the saying of less is more and viewers will see the singer in her true light away from the glitz and glamor.

Born in Belgium, Lyne Nsongo grew up in a very musical household, and honed her skills in music academies and dance classes as a child, before developing her sound further with collaborations with her brother and producer D.E.W.I. Now living in London, she comes with support from the likes of Trench MagazineRed BullCapital XtraMissguidedReprezent Radio and GirlsIRate, and is fast-becoming one to watch in the UK’s resurgent R&B music scene and beyond, as she brings her genre-bending slant on the genre and her hopeful inspirational message to the forefront.

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