L’Orange hits us with an atomic bomb of a video for his track ‘Need You’, taken from his album The Orchid Days and featuring the enviable talent of Blu. The visuals for ‘Need You’ are spectacular, a short film in itself accompanied by the haunting beat and melancholic vocals of the song, conceptually based around a ‘post-apocalyptic Adam and Eve story’. L’Oranges videos tend to be a level higher than the norm and this doesn’t disappoint.

Director’s Note – “As a multi-media artist coming from a back ground in performance and video art, the first time I heard L’Orange’s “Need You” I was struck with the songs dichotomy of beauty and melancholy.I wanted to create a world, a universe where this song could live and breathe to reveal and tease out the tension of these themes . The gorgeous ebbs and flows of the song partnered with the rhymes of Blu push the boundaries for the possibilities for imagery. With the amazing space of Murphy’s Ranch practically in my back yard I was inspired to develop a post apocalyptic Adam and Eve story that again would play off of the themes of beauty and melancholy. Creating a more cinematic and filmic treatment allowed for collaboration with fellow artists to explore this post apocalyptic world where choosing life may mean choosing death.” – EmaLee Arroyo

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