L’Orange presents visuals for ‘Alone’, featuring her favourite colour a.k.a. Blu. ‘Alone‘ is the first single – and video – from L’Oranges epic LP The Mad Writer, and I always find it quite quirky how L’Orange’s music is so noire and antique in his sound despite his colourful name, and it’s exacerbated here when Blu’s lyrics contribute to three minutes and thirty seven seconds of monochrome visuals! However, it’s entirely appropriate considering L’Orange’s soundscapes manage to recapture perfectly the era of silent cinema – spoken entities aside – and the innocent music broadcast while the last century was just in its infancy. Blu’s marriage to these soundscapes could not be more of a match, his nonchalance reflecting the disassociation between 2013 and the early 1900s. I won’t babble too much about this track because I’ve written about it before, but it’s an outstanding bit of work – my favourite from a very good album and one of my favourites from last year – and whats more, you can download it for free.

Excitingly, L’Orange and Blu are working together on a fresh jaunt together. It’s just a single for now, but I really hope these two collaborate for something really extensive. For now, feel free to saunter through the world of L’Orange and discover the romance of New York in the 1920s.

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