Representing Orlando hip-hop to the fullest, WordChemist joins forces with fellow Vets of Kin members Shinobi Stalin and AMiAM to present his latest track, ‘Ray Liotta’. Taken from Basic Mathematics, his highly-anticipated debut album scheduled for release soon, the track is a great introduction to the Ozone MC for anyone who isn’t familiar with his music and a pleasant appetiser for his fans. Waiting for a new hip-hop album to drop can be frustrating at times, but with singles like this one, you are offered a great treat to enjoy while waiting.

While other Vets of Kin members may be more prominent in terms of releases, WordChemist is a force to be reckoned with and he provides listeners with food for thought and interesting concepts at all times. I can’t say I have listened to dozens of tracks where he is featured, but every time I did I really appreciated what I heard.
On this “relentless back and forth themed track”, the three Orlando MCs ride the hypnotic beat created by Illustrate quite skilfully and help our headnod get more and more serious as the track evolves. The association of this high quality instrumental with WordChemist, Shinobi Stalin & AMiAM’s lyrical dexterity and Overlordz’ very own DJ Stranger’s cuts and scratches make “Ray Liotta” a great contender for instant replay. Stay tuned for more infos when “Basic Mathematics” drops!

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