Uprising Swedish singer/songwriter/producer Limandi’s debut release FUCK. IT is a 7 track body of work that explores the concept of self-discovery and growth beyond one’s self-imposed constraints. The self-produced project is as diverse and eclectic as they come with Limandi fusing elements of indie-pop, contemporary pop and a dash of electronic and shoegaze-esque sounds.

The project opens up with the atmospheric “One Day I’ll Be Proud” ripe with moody textures and a short rap-infused performance from the singer. After this she finds herself ruminating on the past, acknowledging her mistakes as we hear on the title track “FUCK. IT”. “Fuck it, I should have done better” she sings as she comes to terms with the situation at hand. She sounds fed up and frustrated on “How Fucking Hard” and she candidly pours her true feelings on wax as follows:

So sick of doing something that I shouldn’t

So sick of dying for you

So sick of being someone that I shouldn’t

She doesn’t hold back with the outpour of emotions over the melancholic backdrop which reaches a fever pitch on the chorus section. The entire project flows like an epic love gone wrong tale and each track acts as a different chapter to the unfolding events as we hear the imposed admission of guilt and gaslighting on “Put The Blame On Me”. The damning effects of being stuck in a toxic relationship truly come to the fore on this one but fortunately, Limandi slowly removes herself from the situation and on the flipside “Hopin’ You’ll Be Fine”, she pens a heartfelt letter to her ex and hopes the best for them regardless of the past. The track has a folk-infused element on the hook which progresses into a pop-shoegaze type sound on the chorus which is peppered by sultry melodic runs and airy harmonies.

The project closes out with two soul-stirring tunes “Family” and “Where You’re Heading To” which bring the story to a conclusion while exploring the concepts of inner peace, forgiveness and the uncertainty of what the future might bring us. “Family” is made up of sombre piano riffs and hushed brushed drums peppered by Limandi’s honeyed vocal runs that slowly rise as the song progresses. “Where You’re Heading To” is a display of Limandi’s expressive style and use of lilting vocal runs as a focal instrument. She employs a touch of yodelling in her repertoire and the use of a soft guitar riff adds a cinematic and nostalgia-inducing aesthetic to the track.

Overall, FUCK. IT  is a self-exploration into a woman’s growth as she experiences love, pain and the realization of her strength while embracing her vulnerability as well.




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