Legendary hip-hop innovator and Grammy award winner Q-Tip is teaming up with current Wolf Of Wall Street co-stars, multi-Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar-nominee Jonah Hill, through DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way, to develop and create a new scripted TV series that is loosely based on Q-Tip’s experiences during the Native Tongue era. What I would give to have that era back though but I digress.

Jonah Hill is looking to direct the pilot of the dramatic series which will be loosely based on the community and the collective that was A Tribe Called Quest, whom Q-Tip was a founding member, and their experience and friendship during the Native Tongue era in the late 80s and early 1990s with other hip-hop artists. And incase y’all don’t know, Jonah Hill is a big hip hop connoisseur so recognize that man. The show will reflect on the stories of how their music played a part in the culture then and influenced the music of today. Who knows, this may just give way for another Native Tongue project. Watch out people.

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