After being quiet for almost a year, Q Borough emcee L.E.O. brings us some reality-driven joints on his sequel to W.I.N.. This volume is a little shorter than the previous one, but nevertheless he keeps the quality above par from the first joint to the last. The usual suspects Carnage and Hellspawn make cameos along with L.E.O.’s wife Mrs Raic (who rips him for not putting her on the first volume). Musically the sounds are broody and somewhat dark (courtesy of Dom Producci production) while L.E.O.’s laid back flow and occasionally humorous lyrics gives the entire project a twisted spin. It’s almost a kind of black comedy and it works well here.

There are rappers that rap about their fantasies of getting paid, and then there are the other ones who stay true to the game. While their subject matter might not connect with a mainstream audience, they’re nevertheless effective at reaching their fans and make sure the connection between the artist and fan is genuine. One of those emcees is Love Equals Omnipotence, (otherwise known as L.E.O.) You’ll never catch the Flushing Queens’ emcee speaking out of line from his Boom bap basement roots, even with the one time support of Large Professor.
The sequel to last year’s Whatever Is Necessary, Vol. 2Left Out Stranded Everywhere brings L.E.O. back to the free flowing narrative that fans have enjoyed. Now that he’s a little older, and a little wiser, Love has used the sequel to look on his career and his plans for the near future. With songs like “Aquaman” and “Thailand Hustle,” the emcee breaks the conventional frame of today’s rappers and reveals topics that everybody can relate to. What’s cool to note is that L.E.O.’s wife, Mrs. Raic, makes a couple of appearances on the tracks “Extremity (So Special)” and the closer “L.O.S.E.” Left Out Stranded Everywhere is now available for free download, courtesy of SoundCloud, and AudioMack (instant download).
01. Aquaman (feat. Hellspawn Darkness)
02. Nueve Uno Uno (feat. The Fallout Shelter)
03. Extremity (So Special) [feat. Mrs. Raic]
04. Apologetic (feat. Hellspawn Darkness)
05. Thailand Hustle (feat. Hellspawn Darkness & Carnage)
06. L.O.S.E. (feat. HellSpawn Darkness & Mrs. Raic)

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