What is jazz? A simple question on the face of it, but it has an impossibly difficult answer. Nonetheless, producer Lasko, from Chicago, offers his interpretation. j a z z i s is a fly, chill collection of instrumentals and vocal features with that upbeat, jazzy flavour, stuff that fans of Nujabes and Funky DL will enjoy. Check it out! Follow the Soundcloud player for a free download.

“Much of mainstream Hip-Hop today focuses on shock value and targets generalities the mainstream youth can hype over.
As I went through each track I set on a journey to find a target memory from my past and used that as focal point for each individual song. I encourage people to simply listen and identify their own feelings and memories with each and every song. This is what Jazz is.” – Lasko

Lasko is a Chicago based producer who incorporates his musical upbringing into his work. Incorporating jazz, funk, and soul his mixtape entitled jazzis is mainly about the celebration of Hip-Hop’s roots through these different genres.

Lasko feels that the mainstream artists have deviated from the soul and essence of Hip-Hop. He would not go as to say that their music is bad, He just feels like they do not have as much substance and feeling behind it that it could have. This mix tape is his answer to that problem.

From sampling his least favorite Stevie Wonder song, hammering out drum patterns on his MPC and by paying homage via samples to Chicago legend Common and other notables from that time period he pulls out all the stops. Clearly the next generation of Chicago musicians know their roots.

This mixtape features verses from upcoming Chicago local emcees Monster Mike, Frank Leone, Kolby Woods, and Vince Mici. The track titled “Laws” is co-produced with South Carolina producer The Klepto. It also appearing are Kash Draco, Cam Cross and Lu Hound.

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