This is the 1st single off my EP, which if you can believe, still doesn’t have a title. Trouble features former Flipmode Squadian and Jive recording artist, Labba… The track is off a upcoming project done by New Jersey’s DJ Brown13… As he states in his soundcloud.. “A Dj who makes beats. Not a beatmaker who tries to DJ…”.. I can dig it.. Trouble sounds like trouble.. Knock this properly and support.. ghea!

Ever since I heard the underground hit “By A Stranger”, a collaboration by himself, Illacoin and Black Rob, I knew I wanted to work with him. I finally got my shot and this is what we created. The record was mixed by PF Cuttin, so it has that rugged sound I was looking for when I made the beat. Graph heads will also appreciate the artwork for the single, which was created by Sueworks.


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