Kut One taps the lyrical talents of Jamal Gasol, Rome Streetz,  and Saipher Soze on his newest release “Get Mine Regardless.”

The Aussie producer concocts a laidback menacing backdrop for the thoroughbred emcees to deliver hard-hitting rhymes peppered with bravado and jewels for keen minds. Streetz lights up the track with vivid lines “At your neck, get thrown in a vice grip, off white, Nike kicks/Work super fire with the right mix” while Gasol reflects on his journey with “Had to face my fears, be a man and hold it down/Trying to keep that negative energy from coming around.” Soze is definitely not far off and concludes the track on a solid note with graphic lines like “My young’un push weight like a Sumo, dummy/Who gonna feed the beast? Caught it back from the block, gotta rid the streets

Kut One sets off the track highlighting his talents as both a deejay and a producer by layering cuts over his own chilling instrumental.

Stream “Get Mine Regardless” on all DSPs here.

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