I’m totally blown away by this dude’s production prowess, I have never heard of him till now and I’m not even overstating the the fact that homeboy is really dope. KuroiOto is a member of the BLAT!Pack and this three track EP Black & Brown is a testament to what I mentioned earlier on.

The three tracks show how dense, layered and engaging his composition/sampling skills are, the drums are thick enough and even the use of the overused Mardi Gras breaks didn’t hamper the case a tad bit. 

KuroiOto’s latest instrumental effort, ”Black & Brown” comes as an unexpected surprise. When asked about the project’s meaning, KuroiOto responded with, “No reason. No purpose. I just felt like making music for the fall season.” BLAT!

Short Bio:

Aaron “KuroiOto” Armstrong’s stage name is the Japanese translation of “Black Noise,” but his melodic backdrops are always pleasant to the ears. The Southfield, Michigan producer’s signature sound – marked by obscure sample flips, multi-layered harmonies and contagious energy – has already garnered fans with his three instrumental albums: M.A.X.Wellness, Iro Iro and 7 Days Of The Breaks. In 2011, KuroiOto’s production will serve as the soundscape for P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.’s “Coolest Kid In Sunday School” leak series, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.’s next solo project, and other BLAT! Pack releases.

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