I have been following KJ since I stumbled upon his mixtape ‘The Headhpone’. He’s just dropped the audio for his track ‘Bossed Up’ which will be on his upcoming album Water. KJ describes the song as being “about friends, movie marathons, wine, hennesy, driving your moms car and looking cool, going to hurontario and dundas (5 and 10 )for food or a haircut, going to a party in the middle of the burbs that got shot up, shure sm57’s, chappelle show, weed, nissan altimas, protools, fake bus passes, riding bicycles, mosh pits to dirty south music, jerk chicken and hardow bread and some other things. More importantly that was my world at 17 and im glad i remember it all.”
The video for ‘Bossed Up’ was released a few months back so peep both the video and the audio below.

Bossed Up-KJ

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