Kiyanosh thrills us with some lyrical gymnastics on his new single “4BAR4” which also features fellow emcee Stoyan.

The Sydney-based Iranian jazz rapper goes for gold and delivers a plethora of skills flipping wordplay, metaphors, and an off the hook cadence to match the vibrant lush production. It’s obvious both emcees are in their element as they tackle the beat in tandem switching from one to the other while keeping things hearty and fun as well. The visuals fully capture the duo having fun and make use of various performance shots and cinematic aesthetics to complete the job.

Kiyanosh will continue with his dynamic 2020 output, with both ‘4BAR4’ and ‘KARMA’ appearing on his forthcoming EP ‘Dying Alone’ – due October 1. In addition to his solo project, Kiyanosh is also a member of hip-hop duo SKID2 and founder of the Spretbot Syndicate record label and collective.

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