If you know me well, then you would be well aware of my bias for beat tapes. This is simply because a producer has the ability to shine through with their compositions without any vocals taking away from it. You either love the beat or you do not. Also, you get to journey away in your own mind as the beat accompanies you to your preferred destination. With this one right here, Arithmetik helps you on your way with the title, “Intellectual Conversations With Ghosts”. Reading the title as it is, you get to transition with the beat into a celestial sphere as you attempt to veer into a spiritual plane. Even Arithmetik himself describes the beat as “a composition inspired by intellectual conversations with the supernatural.” So go ahead and find your comfortable space then let the strings and chords be your guide as you find the route to the supernatural table and have conversations with the ghosts.

Arithmetik has made the beat available on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer so go stream this. Step to Arithmetik on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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