Straight out of Montgomery, Alabama comes rapper King Khali whose new release “Fist High” caught our ears with its insightful and profound message. The record sees him working with fellow artists Sage, Reek and Malcolm Jakob who all add their 2 cents to the topic at hand.

Over a sober and moody backdrop, the emcees dive into the various injustices and problems black men face in this time and how they cope with the situation.


Rapper King Khali was born in Montgomery, Alabama but moved to Atlanta before the age of one and spent the majority of his life in the city and its outskirts. Interested by hip hop and Lil Wayne in particular, at a young age he began writing verses for other peers in exchange for money. He never had the courage of pursuing music early because his parents didn’t want him even to listen to rap music. Khali brings a unique sound to the Texas atmosphere. While he loves to rap over 808 drums like most southern artists, it is a known fact that he is not limited to one type of sound. Khali shares his experiences and perspectives from spending time in two different states the majority of his life. He is currently enrolled at Texas Southern University in Houston, but wants to shed a light on the underrated hip hop scene in San Antonio, Tx, where he moved to after leaving Atlanta. There are no signs of him slowing down any time soon either. All hail, King Khali.

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