Kinetik‘s work can be described as personal,illustrative and utterly engaging. Without rambling on,this new jam called Whole Life Ahead of Me’ has vintage dopeness written all over it. The laid back committed flow,descriptive lyrics and of course a soulful backdrop(courtesy of Jeremy Arey) combine to produce a snapshot of Kinetik’s life experience in audio form.

Kinetik hasn’t disappointed me once (I really doubt he will) and I’m sure y’all will concur after one listen.

And even though we laugh and cry, it’s hard to try, not to act as if life can never pass us by” – Kinetik

It has been said that “life is short” and that we should make the most of every day. For Kinetik, this frequently quoted statement serves as an opportunity to cast a reflective glare at both the days gone by and the years ahead. The brand new single, Whole Life Ahead of Me, finds Kinetik at his storytelling best as he skillfully simplifies the complexities of his own unique maturation process. The lyrics; which were originally written in 2009, are delivered with the poise of a world weary veteran.

Over a nostalgic soundscape produced by Jeremy Arey; Kinetik drops a myriad of philosophical gems, all of which can be practically applied to our everyday lives. As Kinetik grows up right before our very eyes, we are reminded that even though life is short – most importantly – life is to be lived.

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