Michael Willingham Jr aka yU teams up with producer Drew Dave to create this absolutely gorgeous piece of work called Never Burning Out. yU gets the job done with implementing subtle yet relatable analogies for the purpose of story telling and I must add enlightenment for the listener. A heartfelt tribute to his dad(RIP) who passed away recently, Never Burning Out hits the mark.

I talked to the sun today. Said he was heated, going out of his mind. 
He asked what the darkness was like, cuz everywhere he goes it’s bright outside.

“This song will be featured on an upcoming EP from Drew Dave called “Sumthin Slight”. Perspectively speaking… What if I could get close enough to exchange in conversation with the brightest, most seasoned & experienced “star” in our realm, the Sun(or Amen-Ra), who in convo, would tell of some of the things its seen throughout the many trips around this universe. And after comparing, both the sun & I, realize that “the main thing we have in common, in our heart there’s a fire, never burning out.”

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