Taking on a project to remix anything Wu-Tang is fairly audacious, the production already immaculate and legendary. But this is something pretty hot. Kid Called Quest, a name that is taking off in the underground circles, takes a load of Ghostface acapellas and revamps the tracks, with a dope outcome.

Of all the artists out there to remix ,i would thing Wu-Tang Clan has the catalog that would be the hardest ,since RZA and his gang of Wu-Producers basically had sick production to begin with, plus each member of the Wu has that Staten Island slang that still baffles peeps to this day, Boom Bap producer Jay Quest (Kidd Called Quest) decides to tackle this challenge re touching classic verses from the most visible members of the Wu (right now) Ghostface Killah and Raekwon.. Mixing drops from classic “gangsta movies” (New Jack City , and more) the aforemention classic acapellas from Rae & Ghost , new scratches , and new production we get a new product that can hang with other joints from the KCQ stable … “Before Rap’ is a example of this as the beat fits in perfect Ghost’s lyrics which basically sets the tone for the EP…”Don’t Fuck With Ghost” sounds like a mash up of Ghost and Nas’s “NY State Of Mind” beat but sounds okay for the track Then things get a little dark which sounds like something Ghost and Rae would’ve rhymed over with no problem with “Fair Ones” The drums sound menacing enough you feel like you are on a NYC corner.Hand claps and pounding drums are the sh8t that sets off “New York Moment” which sounds like a brand new track if you wasn’t a fan of Ghost or Rae… Corners is a little of the mark but by today’s standards might be cool for the casual listener… The title track is Rae’s classic “Criminology” acapella over a west coast sounding beat (Funky Worm for you beat junkies) which somehow sounds good in a “gangsta” type of way. All in all as we wait for the next Wu (and KCQ) project to come out , this should surprise a couple heads and may turn a few new heads on to the Wu-Tang Brand….. Chris G/SFTU 2.0
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