North Philly’s Khemist latest release “I Been On A Budget” is a harrowing look at life when you’re living from paycheck to paycheck. The topic is a very relatable one as we have all been there at some point in our lives but the way Khemist puts it in perspective is quite interesting. Backed by the live, cinematic backdrop courtesy of Grammy-nominated Anwar Marshall and Micah Forsyth, Khemist was able to deliver an urgent personification of the situation on wax for our listening pleasure.

The music video, directed by Alex Reinhard shows Khemist going through the emotions of a creative individual who is stuck in a dead-end day job and is at the brink of losing his mind.

With co-signs from GOAT level lyricists, Black Though, Lauryn Hill, Pharaoh Monch, and Bilal, Khemist is a bonafide lyrical force. Hailing from the hardscrabble streets of North Philadelphia, Khemist has the ability to humanize the hardened individuals, illuminating the darkest corners of his city and validate the duality of his own existence as both a bruiser and a poet.


Get “I Been On A Budget” on all DSPs here.

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