All the way from Europe comes the individual named Khaderbai, a beat maker of Swiss origin. What we have here is a beat he sent to us called Stocki, a brilliant creation/fusion of jazz, soul and weird sounds over boom bap drums. Sounds like something you’ve heard before no? Well I implore you to take a closer look at this piece. It may sound generic on paper but this man really goes in with the chops and flips and then the progressive nature of the song makes it even more engaging. As a beat maker myself, I wished I made this.

Get with the program!!

Khaderbai is a rather private beatmaker from Zurich, Switzerland, whose beats blend craftily soul, jazz and funk samples with hard drums and at times obscure sounds, all in the nostalgic spirit of boom bap music. on top of that, khaderbai is a member of the Zurich based dj-duo SMK where he partners up with SLM, in order to play not only their beloved hiphop tunes, but to share in a chaotically eclectic manner all kinds of thrilling music with fellow music enthusiasts.

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