What do you get when you blend together two Compton legends? DJ Critical Hype has the answer with The Damn. Chronic

DJ Critical Hype is back with a brand new mashup of legendary proportions. Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre have worked together in the past. But DJ Critical Hype has taken it to the next level. He’s just released his new blend tape called The Damn. Chronic. In many ways, this mashup reminds me of The Grey Album that Danger mouse put together in 2004. DJ Critical Hype is not blending two vastly different artists from opposite genres like Danger Mouse did. Instead, this project takes Kendrick Lamar vocals and puts them on classic Dr. Dre production that we all know at love. Then ending result between the two Compton heavyweights is a match made in hip-hop heaven. My favorite tracks are “The Heart Pt 2”, “Average Joe”, “Faith”, and “The Dayz Of Wayback”. Check out the artwork for The Damn. Chronic below.

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