“Decasi” is a collaboration between Online Media Distributor, Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) and veteran rapper Keith Murray. The record is the soundtrack to the recently released animation titled Decasi The Lost World. The animation follows the life of four Decasian siblings who are displaced after their parents risk their lives to transport them to an unknown planet inhabited by the rejects of this world. Over a dark and brooding soundscape, Keith Murray brings the tale to life with a vivid painting of how the siblings had to traverse dangerous terrains and unspeakable monsters who are out to destroy them.

The song also comes with an animated video that follows Keith Murray as the pilot assisting the quartet across the moons and stars,


Decasi the Lost World will be released via BTOPENT’s distribution partner, Sony Music Entertainments The Orchard, and the comic book is available exclusively on their site.

Get Decasi The Lost World Comic here.

Stream “Decasi” on Spotify and Apple music.

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