Germany-based South African artist Kaleo Sansaa delivers the video for her new single “Black Light” which showcases her experimental style of rap mixed with African spirituality and poetry. The track is as eclectic as they come, from the percussion-driven, ethereal textures and punchy grooves, Sansaa delivers an insightful and evocative performance. Her lyrics are steeped in self-growth, empowerment peppered with abstract motifs and allegories while her flow is somewhat off-kilter but quite commanding from start to finish.

The track arrives with accompanying visuals directed by Katharina Ziemkus who taps into Sansaa’s profound lyrics and the result is a gripping and cinematic piece. The use of moody lighting, color-coordinated costumes, and atmospheric set-pieces all add up to amplify the message being passed and is a testament to Sansaa’s unique rap style.

“Black Light” is taken from Sansaa’s latest album, Solarbased Kwing.


Kaleo Sansaa is an artist from Berlin who immediately mesmerizes audiences with her unique sound, which she describes as solar-based hip-hop inspired by the heart of the sun – authentic, honest and meditative. Solar-based hip-hop is the pure expression of the soul and is characterized primarily by hypnotic, experimental hip-hop beats. At the core of Kaleo’s message is her solar-based philosophy – the belief that the sun never truly sets for mankind. Kaleo describes the sun as her greatest inspiration and also pays tribute to it in her name – “SANSAA”: SAN = SUN (German for “sun”) and “SAA” (Swahili for “time”).

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