The duo of Kaimbr and Sean Born known together as Nino Green teamed up with Nathaniel Star for their latest single titled “Stop Playin Wit Me”. The track has a retro-soul sample and soft drum grooves that blend perfectly with the duo’s street-savvy lyrics ripe with vivid imagery. The duo are currently working on their sophomore album but in the meantime this new single serves as the precursor to what they have in store for us.



Hailing from PG County MD, Nino Green’s sound is war report meets loose ends. They draw inspiration from a myriad of themes including personal struggles, societal issues, and reflections on life experiences. Their music is a reflection of their PG County roots while incorporating influences from various genres like jazz, soul, rock, and early 90’s hip-hop. Their debut collaboration received critical acclaim for their ability to push artistic boundaries while staying true to their roots. Kaimbr and Sean Born are excited to continue the momentum with their sophomore outing, they state, “When we did the first record the magic snuck up on us. This time we knew what we were before the sessions. I felt satisfied after making this record.”


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1. Meet Me By The Shrimp Boat

2. On The Level

3. 1000 Baggies (Feat. Judah)

4. Kyrie

5. Amy

6. Interlude 3 – ECSB

7. Stop Playing With Me (Feat. Nathaniel Star)

8. Interlude 6 – Between Floors

9. Big Dimes

10. Follow Us

11. Aye Nino!

12. Do It (Feat. RoddyRod & Choppy-Chop-E Sounds)

13. Bronze Dons

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