Mount Juliet, Tennessee-based rapper Que K  returns with another short project titled REDEMPTION. The 5 track EP sees him reflecting on his journey from nothing to something and all the efforts he put in to get to where he is.

The intro “Battle Scars” sees Que K detailing his trials and tribulations. He breaks down how walking through the proverbial fire has forged his spirit and made him stronger than ever.  This is followed by “Will i love again”, a laidback and reflective tune that explores his life and daily struggles. Over a moody and melancholic soundscape, Que K sheds his armour and pours out his heart with lines like

Intention’s still the same/So who the one to blame/The question still remain, will I love again?”. In a nutshell, the record is an emotional outpour from the rising rapper as he runs through the many life experiences and changes that have left him scarred. On “Redemption”, Que K sounds confident and reassured as he takes steps to find his true North. Backed by a scenic backdrop made up of dark rousing synths and punchy drum grooves, he takes listeners deep into the dynamics of this unpredictable thing called life. Lines like “A lot of ups and downs, drama wanna take you out/Can’t rewind time, too late to make mistakes now” revolve around pushing forward instead of getting stuck in the past.


The project close out with two aspirational tracks “Champion” and “Sheep”. On “Champion”, the rapper delivers an aspirational track that implores listeners to rid themselves of excuses and put in the much-needed work to get desired results. He, himself acknowledges this with lyrics like “No more pointing the finger, it’s time to give up excuses/My excuses useless, I take the negatives and use it” and details the steps he is taking to reach his goals. “Sheep” is the final track and the perfect closer with its anthemic production which encapsulates Que K’s go-getter spirit. Here, he doesn’t mince his words and pays homage to all the hard-working folks out there. He states it clearly as follows “How you got money If you ain’t a working man, it’s like you saying have to cook a meal without pots and pans/ That’s my point exactly, it don’t make sense/You can’t make dollars if you don’t make sense” and further breaks down the work ethics required to be successful.


Overall, the project has a cohesive feel and besides its short running time, it gives listeners enough room to digest Que K’s core message of working hard, clearing out the detractors and having a strong spirit even in the face of adversity.


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