Alternative artist K. Wood$ delivers his brand of genre-bending music to our earshot in his latest release Somewhere They Can’t Go. The project comprises 7 tracks with varying musical styles anchored on themes such as soul searching, relationship dynamics and complexities.

The opening “BABY (Impulsive)” is an upbeat pop/drumbreak/R&B inspired tune that showcases K. Wood$’s distinct melodic style. His gruff vocals are pronounced and the use of vivid songwriting is heightened by emotional and introspective themes. He doesn’t shy away from baring his heart on wax and he does so with no filters on this track. Next is “WATSYONAME?” a mellow neo-soul/soul hop track introduced by a solemn chord arrangement that builds up into a smooth summer love jam that explores blossoming love.  K. Wood$ leads us into the start of his love phase and details the dynamics of matters of the heart and how one can get engulfed by this thing called love. This leads to the “RUN” with its sublime guitar plucks, atmospheric textures and hushed groove reminiscent of Kaytranada. Here, he runs through a myriad of situations using pop and basketball references with a touch of introspection that shows audiences a different perspective of his life. Thus far, K. Wood$ has a way with his melodies which he delivers in a nonconforming fashion. This approach is what makes the performance throughout distinct and engaging.

The soundscape takes a different turn as “WAR”  comes in. The sample has a Motown vibe and it’s somewhat anthemic with its rich textures, rousing drum fills and looming pads. As the title suggests, it alludes to the rapper’s inner battles, family history and the never-ending struggles black men face. This is followed by the downtempo “TIMELESS” and dreamy soulful vibes on “LAST CALL (Drowning)”. The former uses screwed vocals on the chorus and a nonchalant and almost weird drawl cadence to drive home the message of heartbreak, self-awareness and deceit while the latter digs deep into his thoughts as he searches for closure. He soaks in the pain of betrayal and finds solace in using specific ways of coping. Far from a sob story, it serves as a frank account of taking agency and moving on. The bonus track “Amphetamines (Bonus)” starts with a playful xylophone-style synth and moody textures underpinned by rich and layered melodies.  While the track’s build blocks have playful overtones, the premise is a bit dark and solemn as K. Wood$ talks candidly about his traumas and their effects on people around him. His approach is quite expressive and somewhat dismissive as he plays it off with a positive disposition.


Ultimately Somewhere They Can’t Go is a body of work with a vast musical style that appeals to lovers of neo-soul/hip-hop/experimental pop. K. Wood$ pushes his musical boundaries by exploring different styles without losing the central plot which is based on his life experiences and emotions and that is the aspect that certainly draws people in.




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