Moka Flows is a collaborative project by Will the Wolf and Rael Luvi, two Trinidadians pushing the musical boundaries in their home country and beyond. While the country is mostly known for Soca Music, the duo brings a refreshing blend of Dancehall, Afrofusion, and R&B with a touch of modern pop sounds. The 4 track body of work sees the duo diving into a handful of topics ranging from blossoming love, aspirational themes and a bit of soul searching.


The project is led by “First Psalm”, a short intro with reversed vocal samples and sombre guitar licks. This is followed by “Lucky Guy” a bouncy carnival-type jam with pulsating basslines, and soothing textures underpinned by the duo’s varied vocal runs. This ranges from smooth high high-pitched melodies to baritone patois-tinged flows. It’s mostly a celebration of finding that special someone and it’s filled with adulations and heartfelt songwriting that caters to the ladies.


“Santorini” starts with a punchy drum groove before an ominous string/synth combination comes into play. The duo once again traded expressive vocal stylings that are rich in layered harmonies with a hip-hop twang. Here, they deliver a message of being true to oneself and the need to avoid external distractions. I particularly love the outro when they sampled bits of anime. The last track “Risked It All” comprises a sombre guitar riff and sombre textures. Here, the duo reflects on the never-ending struggles in life, past mistakes and how they stay accountable for their every decision. The production is quite enthralling and emotional. The use of layered harmonies adds an emotional depth to the track as the duo show remorse and ultimately some agency in their life affairs.

Overall Moka Flows is engaging, playful, reflective and refreshing. Their fusion-inspired style is vibrant but the project is a bit too short and unfortunately doesn’t give more room for personal themes.




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