Yusssss so the MC/production duo of J’Von and Ackryte have finally announced their upcoming LP Raw Sheep, out at the end of next month both digitally and vinyl. To get an idea of what to expect Ackryte put together a promo mix featuring two tracks off the album exclusively (they’re at the end, and they’re worth the wait). Looking forward to this. Pre-order on Cascade Records.

Born in Oakland, California, but raised in Seattle, the dirty nomad emcee J’Von, ventures off once more with Minneapolis’ own, Ackryte, for their third adventure.

On « Raw Sheep« , J’Von successfully expresses his ambitions and a few nodes of his past, leading to the death of him as a « sheep » (that being one who conforms to society). Ackryte paved the soundscape with electronic moods and raw samples to ease the delivery of the stories and sermons J’Von speaks of. 3rd project from the two, and it only gets better.

J’Von has made his name recently with collabo projects like an EP with Lakim (Soulection) and Ackryte has released solo projects on HW&W.

Icing on the cake, the featuring of the rapper Blu, famous for his collaboration with Exile (Blue&Exile) + feat. of the new rappers generation with zuke saga, Ivan Ave and writegroove .

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