We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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JuiceBox of Paradise – “HoldOn” (feat. Mica Ray)


JuiceBox of Paradise takes time to reflect on his life on the solemn single “HoldOn” featuring singer Mica Ray. The track was inspired by him being a young father and all the changes that come with the territory. He looks at the concept of following your dreams in other to inspire others, even though nothing is promised, failing to take action might be a worse scenario.
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Chung – “Stones”


Montreal’s emerging underground emcee Chung pops up on our list with visuals for her song “Stones.” She makes use of Vnce Carter‘s cinematic backdrop to showcase her pen game and delivers a plethora of hard-hitting bars laced with some personal elements for the fun of it. The visuals by Labnoise captures her in the element doing her thing.
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Shantoi – “Stuck up”


Emerging NYC singer Shantoi caught our ears with her new single “Stuck up.” A heartfelt single that focuses on positive self-affirmation and self-value. Over a lush dreamy backdrop, She delivers a passionate melodic performance and details exactly how she wants to be loved. The video was directed by Marcy Boyz Music.
“Stuck up” available is now available on all DSPs here.



Passport Rav x Dre Skuffs – “Passport Stamps”


The duo made up of Passport Rav x Dre Skuffs come through with visuals for their new single “Passport Stamps.” Another solid effort laced with a smooth gripping backdrop, dope lyrics, and feel-good visual aesthetics ranging from good herb, women, and cars. The video is directed by Vincenzo Blanco.
High energy single from The Foreigners 2 EP which is now available on all DSPs here.


Christine Ariya – “It Ain’t Right”


Emerging R&B singer Christine Ariya shares the video of her debut single “It Ain’t Right.” Backed by a smooth upbeat production courtesy of OhGoshLeotus, Ariya delivers a solid performance ripe with sultry melodies and a vintage demeanor. The visuals were directed by @JayKasai. She is currently working on her debut EP, Produced/Mixed/Mastered by @OhGoshLeotus.
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Bailz Pagliacci – “Slipnfall”


Bailz Pagliacci dives into the delicate issue of mental health on “Slipnfall.” backed by a smooth reflective texture, he shares his deepest emotions as he watches how people capitalize off the death of others by nefarious means. From the exploitation of black bodies and stories, he vents his anger at the media and corporations profiting off the deaths of black folks.
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Crac Kajak – “Make Mi Amor”


Multi-talented rapper/producer Crac Kajak comes through with “Make Mi Amor.” A mix of rap, pop, and contemporary elements. The lush backdrop and heroic vocal performance sure make for a solid listen while his verses are delivered in a frenzied fashion. “Make Mi Amor” is from the album Unnostalgic, released Sept 2020. He is a member of the Midwest hip hop group Epidimic. He is also one half of the hip hop duo CracOdyne, and an affiliate of Doom Squad.
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UnieQ – “Whatchu Talkin’ Bout?”


Emerging rapper UnieQ ‘s “Whatchu Talkin’ Bout?” is inspired by a news report he heard from Utah. He tackles a wide variety of subjects from Karen’s brownnosing to people refusing to wear a facemask for the most frivolous reasons. The title is a reference to Cary Coleman’s character signature quote from the classic Diff’rent strokes series.



J Cru – “Growing”


J Cru shares “Growing” which serves as their 6th single. The song is a reflective piece that dives into life in general as they strive to find our fitting in this world. The track has a pop-driven backdrop and it’s also bolstered by a catchy chorus by US/Singapore-based Broadway star Julia Abueva.
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Xiuhtezcatl – “El Cielo” [Music Video]


Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced shoe-tez-caht) makes his debut on our list with a reflective single “El Cielo” and its accompanying video. The track has a solemn vibe and captures the rapper’s bilingual roots which he doesn’t shy away from. It serves as an artistic outlet for his identity which plays a central part in him.
The visuals are made by an all-Latinx team at Industry PDX, and plays on the concept of borders and barriers. It captures Xiuhtezcatl crossing a perceived border, a metaphorical line in the sand, as he delivers his verses. He reflects on the past, standing before an altar of ancestral artifacts and family heirlooms, as he envisions a brighter future.
“El Cielo” is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, Runway Tapes, due out October 16th.
Stream “El Cielo” on all platforms HERE.



Blush’ko – “Hendrix”

Singer/songwriter Blush’ko‘s”Hendrix” is a heartwarming and touching tale of being numb to this thing we call love. Over a lush atmospheric backdrop, he delivers a sensual performance enhanced by vocal effects and psychedelic inflections to drive home his point. The track is produced by Blasko Taleski and JUJO who prepare the perfect beat for Blush’ko’s sultry melodies


Smoke – “You Gotta Choose”


Smoke(Raysean Brown) shares some introspective lessons on “You Gotta Choose” which also comes with an accompanying video. Backed by a lush boomy backdrop, Smoke shares a tale of a young black man walking the thin line between the streets and being a role model. Far from being preachy or over glamorizing, he gives a balanced view of both sides of the spectrum in his own unique manner. The visuals are directed by Hemenez, R. Brown
“You Gotta Choose” is the follow-up single from Raysean Brown’s debut solo self-titled album.
Available in all digital stores HERE.

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