Although this is only a ‘microwave beat’ done in twenty minutes, this flip by Jonwayne is really nicely done. Working with the material he creates a cold, deep, fat sound and like a bar of some smooth chocolate it’s short but sweet. Interestingly, Stones Throw only signed Jonwayne as an MC, but the dude splits his talent equally between both the arts of the mic and the MPC so really they are getting two in one. Keep a look out for his debut Stones Throw LP coming shortly.

It’s cool because it gives me an excuse to promote the Stones Throw Beat Battle contest (hence the title STBB341′ – although this isn’t a submission itself) which is always worth checking out. This week’s contest has already finished, but check out the subforum and get involved in the future!

Stones Throw Message Board hosts a weekly beat battle that’s been going on for years. I used to participate 4-5 years ago and I just found my way back on that sub forum and it’s still going strong. Took a look at this week’s samples and liked the selection. Inspired me to make this lil 20 minute microwave beat. I’m not going to submit since I’m on the label and obvious favoritism would be taking place, but I’m upping this to encourage some of you guys/producers to take a look at what they do every week and get involved. It’s a cool lil thing.

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