Hipnott records signees Jermiside (emcee) & Danny Diggs (producer) hit us up with this reflective,cinematic banger of a cut titled Book Of Rhymes’. The track also features Theory Habit and K Sparks with scratches by DJ Mayhem. Dope beats, dope rhymes, what more could you asked for?

 “…In a journey like a nomad is what I do in spite

Through the ruins busting like pressure ruining the pipe

trying to take-good account of what I’m doing in the mind now

Even though I’m at my low, I’m feeling at my height now…”



Get with the program.

After receiving many accolades for their 2010 debut album, Middle ClassicJermiside & Danny Diggs are back by popular demand with Quiet As Kept. Keeping with the same formula as their first album together, Quiet As Kept includes 10 original tracks featuring Jermiside’s honest lyricism and dedicated flow over smooth intricate production by Danny Diggs. Bonus remixes by The Expert & Illustrate provide the finishing touch to this cohesive album, which is an easy listen from front to back.

In late 2007 Irish producer Danny Diggs would reach out to collaborate with Atlanta based, Cincinnati-bred emcee Jermiside on a song for what was supposed to be a B-side for a vinyl release. While the 12 inch never materialized, the two would continue to work on what gradually snowballed into 2010’s full length LP, Middle Classic.


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