Jeremy Hines latest video “Yellow Tape” is set to spark high emotions and thought-provoking concerns.

A sonic backdrop dripping with jazz & soul blends looped with heavy-hitting bass envelops a vivid canvas painted by Hines. The images seen intensify his matter-of-fact blatant wordplay. The record not only addresses police brutality (especially on black men) but also man-on-man brutality. Audiences will grip the visuals along with the commanding testament from Hines to save lives.

“We just trying to live we just trying to eat but they trying to bring us to war,” compels throughout the video along with the raw emotions from Hines.

Living with each breath and each step with high guard leaves mental scars and wounds that don’t heal. What will it take to break the cycle of inhumane ways? Hines’ sharp knack for weaving together lyricism and wordplay brings societal and world issues to the forefront with hopes of igniting change, while his raw deliverance raises neck hairs.

Watch the official video for “Yellow Tape” and connect with Jeremy Hines below.

Connect with Jeremy Hines


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