Long Island, New York-based rapper/producer and pastor  Jarred AllStar  shows us some holiday love on his new song “All Love.”


The track has a mellow soulful vibe and warm mood that fits Allstar’s smooth and confident performance. He takes the listener on a semi-spiritual journey on life, growth, and some gems to live on



 Jarred has a diverse music resumé including being featured on ESPN.com, Powder magazine and other publications for his musical contribution to winter sports; he has performed across the world from Oakland, California to Annecy, France; as well as working with several notable artists along the way. His lifestyle brand Humble Brag has become a budding clothing line dedicated to his message of faith which is also a common thread throughout Jarred’s music. With his captivating voice Jarred has established a strong podcast presence along with voice over work in various industries.  He preaches how he raps; with unwavering conviction, extraordinary energy, and a delivery all his own


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