Kaleber has just released a song and shared it with us titled ‘P.T.I.’ (Pardon The Interruption). This song talks about depression following the murder of kaleber’s brother. Trauma is a big issue in the black community and it is great to know that the rapper is seeking therapy at least through his music. Zonya Love is on this song as well with those mellow vocals making the music a solid piece. The Brvnjes produced song is quite deep and very relatable especially if you have been in a similar position.

Kaleber is an emcee raised in Wyandanch Long Island New York. He believes that he represents a lost tradition of lyricism with his provocative rhymes which he delivers with an effortless, versatile, conversational flow along with a humorous sarcastic perspective.

Growing up in the 80’s as the youngest of four siblings Kaleber grew up around a multitude of personalities. First there were his parents, his father, a jazz organist was a hard working man, his mother a retired history teacher who appeared on Kaleber’s second indie release ” The Anomaly ” and his grandmother a retired nurse gave moral, work ethic and spiritual foundation which gave Kaleber stability as a kid. But far from a church boy, Kaleber’s childhood friends were Notorious neighborhood drug dealers who and ironically, acted as guardians and never involved him in their activities.

His older brothers were rappers with a bit of local fame rapping alongside neighborhood friends including Rakim, rapper/actor Darryl “Chilli” Mitchell of 80’s rap group Groove B Chill, and Poetic The Reaper of the Wu-Tang’s subgroup The Gravediggers. It was that exposure to rap music that overpowered any negative influences that the hood is known for having on impressionable young black males. At age 17 he was running with Queen Latifah’s management company, Flava Unit. He recorded songs with Funk Master flex, Jack Knight, Onyx, producers K-def and DJ now super producer Mark Ronson. Kaleber landed a feature in the 1999 Source Magazine’s “Unsigned Hype” column to rave reviews, but with record labels wanting more simpler rhyme styles and less lyrical prowess, the doors that were once opened to rap artist like himself were now closed. So, Kaleber went independent and released his first indie LP, Redemption in 2000 on the Mutiny Music Group record label. He followed up his debut with a barrage of mixtapes along with the critically acclaimed sophomore album, The Anomaly, which was named top ten indie albums in 2007 by Newsday. Kaleber went on to be nominated twice for the Long Island Music Awards for lyricist of the year.

P.T.I. is also available on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

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