Jaquie La Joie has shared her song with us and wants you to hear her in the space in which she is currently. From the gritty sound that is splashed with the heavy EDM strings to her very coarse voice, the openness and vulnerability on the song just pulls you in. Hear Jaquie La Joie in her own words:

“While originally from Tennessee in the USA, I moved to the state of California for just over two years. During that time I became close with a number of self-described drug addicts and cons. My gang of friends had a number of issues arise, but the loss of one of our own always hurt the most. The first half of the song is a response; its what I wanted to scream at my friend who told me he had relapsed on heroin, Xanax, and meth. The second half of the song is a reminder to myself. In order to not follow in his shoes, I wrote a verse detailing what would happen to me if I let my use of amphetamines to become uncontrolled once again.”

Jaquie was born in the southern enviroments of America and has had music around all her life. Naturally, emulating the artists and style became the order which took her to fiddling with the keyboard. Having learned the studio basics as a teenager, Jaquie found herself in the midi programming world and this led to her bond with hip hop and EDM. Blending hip hop with energetic singing, she intends to speak primarily on drug addiction, LGBT rights and mental health.

If you are down with Jaquie La Joie then holla on the socials: Twitter and Instagram.

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