P. Wess is here with this very introspective track called ‘Pay The Rent’. This song right here is one that is quite relatable to everyone across board except of course you are born with a silver spoon then this reality cannot affect you. He says;


“Let’s be honest, we all out here trying to survive! Here’s my take on things, produced and recorded by me as well.’

Raised on the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. P.Wess would attend college at Georgia State University, in downtown Atlanta. It was there that he made a number of friends interested in making music that truly began to bring out his passion to compose music on his own. Always a fan of real hip hop, P.Wess grew up listening to the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, Twista, Nas, Outkast, just to name a few. And with his father having been a part of Tennessee State’s marching band back in the late 80’s, he was destined for a life filled with music. There weren’t too many days as a kid that he wouldn’t hear one of his Dad’s old records playing in the basement after coming home from basketball practice, and usually to the tune of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

P.Wess would go on to record his very first track at Georgia State’s recording studio at the time, in the fall of 2013, and ever since he has been honing in on his craft and finding himself as an artists. Now the rapper is ready for a major push and has plenty of content lined up just for the occasion. Having recently released his debut mixtape titled “Thoughts On My Mind”, which takes a dive into the world that has shaped and molded him, Wess delivers moving statements about equality, love, drug abuse, and just the overall grit and determination needed to overcome it all.

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