Award-winning actor/recording artist James Holloway teams up with London, UK-based producer DSounds to present his new release “Halfway”, a heartfelt single that serves as the title track of his new EP in collaboration with producer DSOUNDS. The guitar-laden beat is as sombre and soothing as they come and sees James diving into delicate real-time issues ranging from mortality, procreation and fate. He questions what most of us have been thinking and delivers an insightful and thought-provoking piece for us to ponder on. This is followed by the bright keys on “Roses” which is a love-laden tune that explores the ups and downs of finding love in a mysterious place. “120 On The Dash” has a moody and brooding soundscape and captures James’ vivid lyricism and serves as the perfect outlet for the rapper to get the weight off his shoulders. The EP wraps up with “Morning” and “Mama Don’t Be Scared” which help put the project in perspective. The former is a soulful and solemn track that sees James in his most vulnerable state and he shares with listeners all his hopes, dreams and fears in the most candid manner while the latter has a cinematic and melancholic backdrop and explores the growth of a boy who leaves the nest to become a man in the midst of the madness in the world. The track is a perfect open letter to all mother’s trying to protect their sons but the kid is now a man who can hold his own but hasn’t forgotten the precious lessons he learnt from his mum.


“Halfway” is accompanied by a cinematic visual shot in black and white. It blends moody motifs with performance shots of James doing what he knows best.


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