After thrilling us with their debut single  ” Lost A Little”,  the all-female music collective Her Songs return with another gem for us to start the new week. The track in question is titled “Just My Luck” and is a tri-lingual track that explores each member’s unique background.

The track takes inspiration from 90’s and early 2000’s R&B pop hits with its earworm melodies, lush guitar arrangements, and layered vocal harmonies. The song serves as an anthem of some sorts as it taps into the group’s multi-cultural roots and styles while the lyrics are written in 3 different languages; English, Spanish and French and features all 5 girls’ voices and instrumentation with Emmavie taking the reins behind the production side of things.

Also, some of the lyrics were borrowed from a Musiq Soulchild song, which was one of the girls’ key points of inspiration for the project. “Just My Luck”, is the second single from the group’s forthcoming  EP Toronto Vol. 2, due for release August 14th. Get it on Soundcloud.


The group is made up of London based Dane Marie Dahlstrom, Brooklyn based Colombian Dani Murcia, Christchurch New Zealand-based Emily C Browning, French Londoner The Naked Eye, and London based Emmavie. 


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