Devine Camara is a Lexington, Kentucky emcee who from my research has been putting in mad work for a minute now. His latest project “Kingtucky” is actually my introduction to his work and I must say is quite daunting at 24 tracks filled with pretty engaging backdrops but not withstanding Mr Carama’s vocal skills play the star of the entire show.

“...With a rat in a trap chase, cheese for the profits/ Camara drop knowledge on these beats like a prophet/ It’s the Rastafari, any artists I body bars harder than John Gotti/ I’m lex, Haile Selassie.…”

Reading it is one thing but hearing him flow is a whole new ball game. From the onset, Devine Camara sets the tone as he doesn’t falter when it comes to word play, bar structure and delivery. Once you hit the play button, just know you are dealing with a professional. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Brief words from the man himself.

This album is dedicated to all the MCs that pushed my pen. Being a hip hop head growing up I enjoyed different facets of the culture so a lot of artists moved my mind, my heart and even my feet. But it’s a select few that pushed me to be a better wordsmith. Nas, Canibus, Eminem, Jay Z, Common, Talib Kweli, Joe Budden, Royce, Dizaster, Chilla Jones, Sheisty Khrist, David Lee & many more have pushed me to be a better writer and lyricist over the years. This album is about inspiring the next generation to take their pen game to the next level. Shouts to all those that still love lyrics in hip hop!!”

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