Jaimar is a UK born, US raised up and coming MC. After dropping his debut EP Good Morning – back in 2012 – to rave reviews, Jaimar then proceeded to rock shows from Amsterdam to London and beyond. Currently he is working on his new mixture and in the interim he drops this cut using that famous Outkast instrumental.

Musically ‘Outcast’ shows his lyrical dexterity and distinct cadence somewhat reminiscent of his predecessors like -insert name here-and I do really commend him for rocking this beat properly and pretty much effortlessly.

Tune in and get with the program.

Now in the process of creating a brand new Mixtape (name currently unreleased), Jaimar is aiming to take his music back to the US where he can concentrate on achieving his career goals. Jaimar is definitely an Artist to keep an eye out for in the next year, as he will be releasing a lot of long awaited material requested by his fans in wait of anticipation.


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