Optical heater by “J.Bizness” Mellow Music Group’s newest member.. Drops a little somethin to let yall know “Flight Plan” is out and it’s highly recommended…So sit back, relax, and enjoy your “Destination”.. More info after the jump!..

Directed by Erick Lee
J. Bizness’ Flight Plan is well over 30,000 feet at this point. The instrumental album from the LA producer took off in August and has been exploring the skies since. Today, Mello Music Group and director Erick Lee share the visuals for “Destination,” one of the more introspective, almost somber cuts from the LP.
Airports and plane travel in general have always had a bit of an introspective element to them. They are places of connections, departures and arrivals. Playing off the dramatic vocal chop, pulsating drums and emotive synths, Lee visually matches the mood by seamlessly combining shots of the people and planes that make travel possible.
like a plane taking off just at dusk, “Destination” is moody and cerebral. You can catch a connection to Flight Plan at your local independent music retailer and online everywhere.
-VIA Youtube

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