Acton, West London based rapper Izef makes his entry on TWIB with his new release titled “Phasing.” The record has a punchy drill backdrop bolstered by moody and dark textures that serves as the rapper’s canvas. Izef takes the listener into his world as he unveils his struggles as an artist. From self-doubts, industry obstacles and more, Izef shows us what he had to face and more importantly how he overcame them. His style is quite engaging and flow is laidback and the lyrics are evocative as well.


Growing up in a council house in Acton, West London, and raised by a single mother, crime and violence were always just part of the scenery. Watching as his friends were locked up or killed, one by one, it was a place that seemed designed to chew people up and spit them out again. Just another meat grinder nestled in a city of art and prosperity. This existential dread weaves its way through Izef’s work, hiding just below the surface of music which already offers a fresh perspective for the west London scene. At times, confident and booming, at others, somber and reflective, Izef manages to craft a sound just as diverse as the city that raised him.

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