German singer/songwriter J.O.Y  shares his new project Blues In Osaka, a 5 track body of work that revolves around virtual reality, love, and escapism from the stress of the real world. The project has a blend of styles that take inspiration from electronic, r&b, trap, and future soul elements.

From the solemn intro “Star In Osaka” where the singer travels into a simulation that takes him into the future version of Osaka. On the future tropical vibes of “Island that was never there”  is where he finds his dream girl on a mysterious island and he is enthralled by her beauty. “Bad Romance” has a retro funk vibe and the warm textures form the perfect backdrop for J.O.Y’s pained vocals and alluring melodic runs. The track dives into a troubled relationship which keeps drawing him deep. The follow-up track “Something I’m Not” is a guitar-laden piece that explores the singer’s self-doubts as the relationship takes a whole different turn and the connection between him and the girl is deteriorating.

The final track “Singularity” is a drumless piece that is built with a moody and melancholic texture that invokes pure sadness. J.O.Y pours his heart on wax as he realizes that he has to sever himself from this mysterious girl who is causing him great pain and distress. The track is a true display of the singer’s range as he delivers a gripping and heartfelt performance that draws the listeners deep into his predicament.

Hit the play button and get familiar.

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